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White Feather Dream 1

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Frame colour:
White frame
Raw oak frame
Black frame

AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN STORE to view and buy at DOMAYNE Alexandria (84 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria) while stocks last. Also allowing you to take advantage of any current deals and payment programs they may offer. You can CUSTOMISE your art in store and view colour options available.

Our White Feather Dream 1 and 2 art is such a stunning close up look at pure white feathers in an abstract way. Soft enough to place anywhere, and interesting with the detail and curves of each feather.

Domayne is the only retail store allowing complete art customisation.

The print is unique as it is printed on thick matt synthetic paper, which means a cleaner image, better colour coverage, no fading and extremely durable. 

The customer may then choose their frame colour between black, white or raw oak and choose their size between 65x90cm, 75x100cm and 90x120cm.

Frames are a solid 2 x 4cm and are made from high quality timber, sourced and produced from Australian suppliers.