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Cali Cadillac

$70.00 $70.00
Frame colour:
Unframed print
White frame
Raw oak frame
Black frame

A black and white landscape of the beautiful cadillac design, its curves, its craftsmanship and even sexier the rear end. What a classic car that cant scream anymore than the American Dream. People aspired to have it, and when they did they drove it around with pride.

Our prints are one of a kind as we use thick matt synthetic paper. This means a cleaner image, better colour coverage, no fading and extremely durable.

Like most print suppliers who use uncoated paper, we have found that our paper is much safer and easier to handle by our customers. Dust can be wiped off easily, very hard to crease unlike other uncoated papers where once creased you cannot straighten it out, and also if it comes into contact with water or dirt you can easily wipe it off without ruining your art. 

Our smaller print sizes 50x70cm and 61x91cm (A1) fit into standard frames found at most large retailers such as IKEA, Kmart, Target and Big W. 

All our prints come with a 5cm white border to give it a sleek framed look, otherwise some frames come with a matt board such as the IKEA Ribba frames.

Turnaround time for unframed prints are usually 1 week from order to delivery.


If you would like your print framed, we offer 3 colour choices in either Matte Black, Matte White or Raw Tasmanian Oak.

Our frames are 2 x 4cm and are made from the highest quality timber, sourced and produced from our Australian suppliers. None of our frames are sourced abroad, keeping the Australian quality tick of approval.

We use real glass or high grade Acrylic Perspex depending on where it is being shipped to. Our perspex is a clear, UV resistant, lightweight, shatter proof material with minimal glare and looks exactly like glass. 

Turnaround time for framed prints is approximately 2 weeks from order to delivery as each piece is custom made new.